Can i change my pentium 4 2 53GHz processor to a pentium 4 2 4GHz that has hyper


Oct 13, 2009
i have a p 4 2.53GHz processor that doesnt support hyperthreading.Can i swap it out with a 2.4GHz P 4 that does support HT.And will i have to upgrade my bios and download new drivers.Or will the change in speed be so minimal that it just is'nt worth it.ive tried overclocking the cpu with the ati tool but i cant get it to stay at the higher speed.


Depends what u use ur pc for HT may not make a difference. Do u understand how HT works?

At the end of the day its a P4, its going to be garbage either way. I personally would not bother.


Aug 27, 2006
It does make XP a just bit more responsive. An instance where the old HT did miracles was when another program was hogging the CPU and it suddenly decides to hang, with HT you'd be able to open up task manager and end it. With a single-core you're pretty much stuck.
Since HT creates a fake(virtual) second cpu. This CAN speed up apps that know how to use it. The problem is the virtual CPU does not have anything real. Think of an app wanting to use SSE on both cores, there is going to be a real penalty. While an app or 2 running different instruction sets can get a good boost.

What board do you have? those older P4s should overclock fine and you need to see if the board supports HT. You should not be using ATItool to overclock a CPU. You should be entering the bios to make your settings. Unfortunately, if its a Dell,HP/Compaq, or anything off the shelf system, you may not have any options in the bios.


Mar 10, 2006
If the motherboard supports HT it could help but it mat just be that the current setup doesnt have HT enabled in the bios, it not always enabled by default. My old 2.8HT has to be manually enabled in bios after a cmos clear.