Question Can i combine one stick of 8gb 2933mhz and one stick of 8gb 3200mhz?

Can I combine this model HX432C18FB2/8 wtih this HX429C17FB2/8 in dual channel?
It is not recommended to mix RAM modules that were not tested to work together, since it is hard to predict the outcome.
Even though half of the time it might just work fine, mixing and matching stick that may have different speed, CAS latency, timings,voltage, etc could cause a motherboard to refuse to work
Even when they appear to be similar, the IC chips might come from different manufactures.
To be sure that RAM will work together you will have to buy RAM kits.
That's why manufacturers and vendors won't provide support for that configuration.


They may or may not work in the same system.
But most likely you will need to run both sticks at 2933 or possibly even lower (2666, 2800 or 2866) to see if the system will even boot.
You won't know until you try.

I personally would install them and start at 2133 MHz and if the system boots and recognizes them, I'd set them to a slightly higher speed like 2666 and so on until you figure out what speed causes them not to boot.
Then test for stability at the fastest speed they booted at.
Then run them at the fastest speed that boots and is stable..
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