[SOLVED] Can I connect my CPU cooling fans to an RGB controller

Jan 27, 2019
I just bought a MASTERAIR MA410M CPU cooler and find the fans that came with it boring. I currently have 3 LEDdess RGB LED case fans installed into my computer which do cool led strobe effects which are plugged into a controller. I plan on tossing both fans that came with MASTERAIR and replace them with 2 new LEDdess fans and run those fans to the LEDdess controller to keep the new CPU cooling fans in sync with the LED strobe effects of the case fans. My question is this a bad idea? Can this ruin the travel direction of air entering and exiting my CPU cooler? Will it affect the fan speed recommended to remove the heat the processor is generating?
The CPU cooling fan should be connected to the CPU fan header. Without a fan connected to that header you will get a BIOS error.

I suppose you could plug another fan there, but you are defeating a CPU safety feature by doing so.
The direction of the CPU cooler is defined by you. It should be blowing towards the rear exhaust fan.

If the CPU Cooling fan has a separate RGB connector, that can be plugged into the RGB HEADER. But the RGB header isn't a fan header,