Can I connect my own wireless router to an existing modem/router in one combo without affecting the other's connectivity


Feb 26, 2015
Hey there,
So I am renting a guest house from people and they have a modem/router in one combo inside the house. Its an Xfinity technicolor. I have my own wireless router. Would I be able to connect an ethernet from my wireless router to the modem/router inside the house without affecting the houses network? Basically the ethernet is fine for my ps4 currently, but the wifi from inside does not reach my new macbook pro.


Yes, you would want to have separate networks for security. So attach an Ethernet cable from one of the LAN ports on the main house router to the WAN port on your router. Then give your router an IP address that is different than the main house (so if they use, your router would be and your WAN and DNS address would be whatever their gateway address is, so from my example. The LAN ports on your router can be used for wireless in addition to having your own wireless channel.

Then set your wireless channel to a different non-overlapping channel than the main home router to eliminate interference (your choices are 1, 6, and 11). You can use the free home version of inSSIDer (a wifi analyzer) from HERE, run it and check the network tab for strong signals by channel to select the best channel.