Can i connect my xbox 360 to the internet?


Nov 7, 2012
Can i connect my xbox 360 to the internet?
hay, so i am planning on getting a xbox 360 around christmas, the only source of internet i have is by a internet stick. does the xbox 360 have a usb port? and if it does will i be able to go online with connecting the xbox to the internet using the stick?





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hmmm, the xBox does connect to the internet but through the LAN port or wifi to a wireless access point (the older xBoxes need a specific usb wifi adapter, the newer consoles have it built-in). However, it's ability to surf the net is limited to just the installed apps, it cannot be used like a normal pc with intertnet browser.

As to your internet stick, I assume you mean a mobile broadband dongle. These are designed to only work in a pc, it won't work directly in an xbox. For the xbox to use it you would need to turn the pc into a router. I have never had the need to do it but basically you would enable something in your pc called "internet conection sharing" and you would connect the xbox to your pc either using a ethernet crossover cable or a network switch with 2 standard ethernet cables.