Question Can I control Cooler Master RGB Fan LEDS even without any RGB/ARGB Headers on my mobo?

Aug 1, 2021
I'm looking to purchase a Cooler Master MF120 Halo 3in1 White Edition RGB fan set. But my motherboard does not have any RGB or ARGB headers whatsoever. From reviews, I think the included RGB Controller only allows you to control the lights from the reset button in the absence of an RGB/ARGB capable motherboard. Some of Cooler Master's other RGB LED controllers however are advertised as giving you the capability to control the lights using Cooler Master software without an RGB capable motherboard. How is this possible? And would these Controllers be compatible with the MF120 Halo White Edition?
Does anyone know which of these controllers in the screenshot doesn't need an RGB/ARGB motherboard to control the lights from software?