[SOLVED] Can I create 2 wifi conncetions with one internet


Apr 20, 2017
So i play games and people in my house use the same wifi as me and this tends to create lag. Is there a way to make two internet connections from the one? I only have 1 router btw. Another thing... I want the seperate wifi to take half the speed of the original but no one will beable to access it to slow me down.
Yes, you could use two single-band WiFi routers or a dual-band or tri-band router to configure more than one WiFi signal.
Which WiFi router do you have?
Just by configuring two WiFi connections, does not automatically guaranteed you will be able to take half the speed your ISP assigned to your location.



I will disgree with @Alabalcho. You might get benefit from separate WIFI. If there is a second clear channel available and only you use it, and if you have sufficient ISP bandwidth, then you might benefit. You can test this by temporarily connecting your PC via a wired connection to your primary router. Which is kind of what you are doing by having a private WIFI signal.
Jan 16, 2019
This can be done a couple of ways but depends on the options on the router / wi-fi connection.

If you have a higher end Wi-Fi access point like an OpenMesh / Datto you can have multiple SSID's on the one connection and throttle the connection on some of the SSID's but leave the other SSID full speed. You often see this in companies that have private and guest wi-fi the idea being your visitors don't hog all the bandiwdth required for work use.

With certain routers like the Draytek ones you can use bandwidth limiting either by default on all connections so no one user can take all the bandwidth or if you statically allocate IP addresses to the machines on your network you can limit each connection that way.

Like I say features vary depending on your specific router/WAP so you need to investigate what's available on your devices, the SSID method above if available is the easiest way to do this.