Jan 2, 2008
looking around and trying to find a way for me to create a fully unattended install with application install, using vlite for drivers and tweaks is great.

but i would like to make a windows vista possible even windows 7 install where it will install office 2007, nero 9 as well, and few other applications that i keep reinstalling on all my pc's every time i reformat.

is there any good tutorial for that or can any one help me?

planing to actualy put this on a bootable flash drive or external hard drive so space is not an issue, just the need to make it work and put all on one device and have it do it all for me

pat mcgroin

Nov 21, 2007
The easiest way to do it is with disk imaging software like Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image.
After you get everything the way you want it create a image of it.
Then when you want to start over you play the image back and it will be the exact same every time.

I would suggest that you create a second partition to keep your data on like documents and music etc..
That way they wont be lost after the reformat.