Question Can I disable cpu and case fans in old bios or adapt?

Feb 28, 2021
I moved my Dell motherboard into a new case along with some other equipment. I don't want to use the factory 3 pin female plug case fan because I am now using 5 rgb 12/5v 5 pin fans as my case fans. They run off of a controller powered by Sata and I can change speeds via remote control. The factory fan is plugged into the right 3 pins on a 4 pin plug on my motherboard. If I leave that fan unplugged, my computer will shut down in less than 8 hours because it is not getting feedback from that fan. Now I have 2 fans double stacked which I hope is short term. I also want to replace my factory cpu fan with an aftermarket cooler with a 120mm fan to match the other 5, and plug it into the rgb/fan controller. I assume my computer will also shut down to protect itself when it sees a lack of feedback from the cpu fan port. This is an old school mother board with the old school bios. I do not see an option in the bios to disable either of these fans. Is there a non complicated way to run without them, such as an adapter of some sort?


Look in the bios for 'ignore cpu warning' setting, although it may not be named quite the same. That's different than disabling the port, it just ignores any warnings that would trigger the shutdown.

If there isn't anything like that, then you'll need to populate the header with a fan. It doesn't have to be anything special or located anywhere special, you could bury it in a hdd cage or optical slot out of sight, it just has to spin and maintain a certain amount of rpm.

Your biggest issue will be manual control of the fans. That header responds directly to cpu temps, so you MUST account for it in the hub settings. Forget to turn the hub fans up, or not turn them up high enough to moderate the cpu outputs, and your pc will be back to shutdowns with the cpu overheating.

Some ppl like rgb, some don't, but that's another argument entirely, but playing around with pc/cpu thermals, just for a 'look' is a recipe for disaster.

Personally, I'd repin the upcoming cpu fan so that rpm is controlled by that cpu_fan header not the hub, and leave the hub to deal with the RGB for that particular fan.
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