Question can I drop in replace an rx 460 with a rx 6600


Apr 1, 2014
I currently have a win 10 system with an rx 460 gpu. If I get an rx 6600, can I simply replace the card and reboot? Will the amd driver dated 4/28/2022 version 30.0.14021.11005 work with the rx 6600, at least enough so I can download and install any newer version?


The RX 460 requires a minimum 350W PSU. The RX 6600 requires ~500W. Assuming you have that aspect covered, make sure the card you have selected is of a size that will fit inside your case. Generally speaking, there should be a 'stock driver' from W10 that will give you display. You will hear suggested various methods for the best case driver install. IMO, install the new graphics card. You can choose to use DDU or just manually installing the AMD driver. If you do the latter, choose the "clean install" option if possible.
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You shouldn't have any driver issues. Windows will automatically detect the new card and most likely default to a basic display driver until it either automatically installs the appropriate drivers, or you install the driver manually.

However, as has been mentioned, the 6600 needs considerably more power than an RX460. I would consider making sure you have a power supply which is of good quality, at the bare minimum 450w, and has the required pcie power connectors the particular 6600 model you buy requires.
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