Question Can i fit different parts on the dell optiplex 380?

Jan 21, 2021
so i have an unused PC with no case, it has an i5 4th gen, ECS 1150 motherboard, 4x2gb ddr3 and zotac gtx 750ti . and i found someone who sells dell optiplex cases for cheap, it is around $5 if its in usd. the thing is will my mATX motherboard and its other component fit to the case? i got this idea from a youtuber who build a gaming pc using dell optiplex and it seems like a good idea lol.


Depends on a number of things:

  1. Does the case accept the form-factor of the motherboard? Can actually install a Micro-ATX motherboard into the cases? Some Dell cases use BTX form-factors which makes this a moot point.
  2. Does the motherboard have a standard 20+4 Main Power port or some Dell proprietary port? Does the case come with a power supply that matches the motherboard main power port?
  3. If the case front panel connections (PWR/RST/HDD) are attached to each other and don't match the motherboard front panel layout can you jury-rig it?
That's just off the top of my head. Personally, I don't think it's a good idea as Dell Optiplex units are not intended for gaming and therefore may be lacking in proper cooling.

-Wolf sends
Not just no, but hell no. A 380 was BTX, and Dell so proprietary on top of a standard that no one adopted in the industry. (I have several of these and am actually posting from my hybrid 330-380.) That youtuber (like most of them) is an idiot selling stupid to other idiots and making money off of it--terrible people full of just plain lies.

Now, there are certain Dell cases that can work to a certain extent. Motherboard holes are a bit different and there's a bunch of details to look out for, but it can be done with some of the older MT style cases. Still, not a good idea if you have everything but a good case, because you'll at best save $10 by the time you get a Dell case shipped to you versus a new industry standard one.


Haha Samir. Nice. But not quite.

The answer is Yes. It can be done. As long as the motherboard is physically small enough to fit inside the case, that's all that matters. To start.

What you didn't ask was if it'd drop right in, plug'n'play, the answer to that is No.

It'll require extensive use of a dremel, cutting wheel, plasti-weld, depin tool, pin crimper tool, extra wire, fine grain nail files, possibly needle nose/linesman pliers, wire strippers and a soldering iron and assortment of paint colors/clear.

But in the end it'd no longer be a Dell 380 BTX, but DIY (did it yourself) 380 ATX shell, heavily modified to fit case fans (dell likes using the cpu cooler and a shroud as case exhausts) including the necessary intake fan. Should probably take 3 months or so if you keep at it an hour or 3 per day.


Exactly. Anything (just about) Can be done. Whether it's easy, challenging, time consuming, cost-effective, beyond asinine etc is a whole different ball of wax.

Take my pc for instance. 2x 240mm rads in a full custom loop, stuck in a case smaller than your average shoe-box. I'm talking about having to deal with millimeter clearance issues, literally. That! was a challenge that took 3 months to solve, finding 20-22mm rotary 90° fittings, because I had 24mm of clearance from the gpu and normal rotary 90° fittings are 28-32mm. Had to cut slats of wood to the size so I could get accurate measurements. Sheesh.

But I did it. And wouldn't you know Optimal Tech built an almost identical pc a month later lol. Guess I asked too many public questions and got noticed 😂