Can i get away with a new GPU


Oct 22, 2007
Hi all

I'm considering getting myself a complete new build PC. But got to wondering whether i could get away with a gpu upgrade for the next 12 months.

My Current system is
Athlon x2 3800 @ 2.3gig
3gig ddr2
win xp.

i was considering perhaps a 4870 or 4890. Would i see improvements or would such a gpu upgrade be held back by my gpu?

or should i just bite the bullet and go the full hog.

all advice greatlt received.

thanks in advance


Oct 9, 2008
build a new quad core system and carry your gpu over to save some money temporary if you want. Also I would wait until windows 7 is out unless you can get the free upgrade


u didnt say u were on skt 939, how can you have ddr2 ram on a 939 board (derogatory comment)!!!! 939 is ddr, if ur using ddr2 its gotta be am2/am2+, if ur sure its 939 however, then upgrade to a tripple core build, or do like me and wait for the athlon ii x4, 2.6ghz quad for $130
The card isn't your problem, the 8800gt is still competent at lower resolutions. It's the cpu that's the issue. If you can swing $250 something like this would be a good idea;

It would be a good idea to hold off on a new GPU for a bit anyway. The HD58XX cards are about to come out. Even if you don't decide to get one they'll probably drive down the prices on the current midrange cards like the HD4870/90, GTX 260/75, ect.
Alternately if you have the money an i5/LGA1156 build would be a good buy.


Sep 2, 2008
xaira has a point, socket 939 is ONLY DDR, if you're running DDR2 you're on AM2, which significantly improves your processor choices. And your 8800GT is already being bottlenecked by your CPU; trust me, I'm running an X2 at 2.7Ghz and my HD 4670 is bottlenecked sometimes. If you're on AM2, I suggest seeing if there's a BIOS update to support 45nm Phenom II's, if there's not, I'd get an X2 6000 or one of the Phenoms.

Your best bet is a new CPU, and even the fastest socket 939 would be a bad deal, especially since they're so expensive. Best option beyond just a CPU is to rebuild an AM3, get a Phenom II 540 or something, cheap new mobo, and 4Gb of DDR3 and move your GPU over.