Question Can i have an OS drive with other apps and just games on another drive and run them at the same time

Jan 14, 2022
I think im having problems with my hard drive and it needs upgrading anyway. To do a test i was going to install another hard drive and move some game files onto the new drive and run them on there. Would this be applicable while still using the OS drive at the same time without causing any problems with my processor?'s rather easy if using one of the game launchers like Steam, UbiSoft, GOG, etc. as they have a setting to change the game installation folder location.

Games not managed through the launcher usually have an option in the install procedure to direct to another folder location too.

It's not an issue with the processor at all. Any OS is designed to do this and has been since DOS.

It's more difficult to move an already installed game though. It's usually easier to uninstall the game, change the installation folder location in settings, then reinstall it. But you have to go through the whole download process again.

You can move the files if you find them, then tell the launcher to search for them and then validate them. That's usually faster.
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Jan 13, 2022

It is suggested to have all your games, photos etc. on a different partition or even a different drive (like in your case).
You should only keep Windows itself and important documents on the C: drive.

Nothing will go wrong, but as drea.drechsler mentioned above, you'll need to change the installation location of your games to the other drive.
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Nov 30, 2021
In your browser settings you can set it to download anywhere you like. You can have your OS on one drive and set downloads to another. Your games/programs will run with no issues.

I have my OS and important programs on one SSD and non-critical programs and data on another.