May 8, 2021
so i’ve recently been having problems with my pc and it’s been really slow while starting up and i have 2 drives. 1 tb hard drive (which everything including my os and all of my games and stuff) and a 120gb ssd which i currently have nothing on. i was thinking of formatting both of my drives and putting my os on my ssd and my games on my hard drive, would this work? what are the downsides and upsides


Win 10 Master
that works if all you put on ssd is windows and any applications that need to be reinstalled with windows. Its how I used to run, although my ssd was 250gb

upside is you only have to wipe ssd if windows goes bad
if you move library folders to the hdd it means you don't lose everything on a reinstall. Steam games work well on 2nd drive, don't need to re download them after a reinstall either
only use this site as they have clear descriptions -