Aug 6, 2015
Hi there,

After getting a new monitor that supports HDR, I've found an unfortunate conflict:

I like to listen to music, or watch Youtube, or other video services while I play some games, Death Stranding is a large contender here since I have a lot of free time while making deliveries; but when there is dialogue or a cutscene, I pause whatever I'm listening to, and likewise play once the dialogue or cutscene has finished. Unfortunately, for the time that the play/pause banner is visible, the HDR seems to disable, discolouring the screen, which then fixes itself upon the banner vanishing, this is also the case for the volume bar that appears when altering the volume.

It's not game breaking at all, it doesn't prevent me from playing, but it is immersion breaking to suddenly have the colour change as a result of the HDR setting being ignored.

My question is: Is there any way to hide this banner? I don't realistically need it myself and I'd be fine with it gone.

Thank you.