Question Can I improve my laptop performance with adding +4GB RAM and having dual channel?

Jan 24, 2021
My laptop is low spec: intel i3 5005u, intel hd 5500, 4GB DDR3L RAM. So I recently found out that I have 1 more slot for memory. If add +4GB and with dual channel can I get slightly better performance? For example my League of Legends runs on 45-55 fps, can I get then 60fps with the dual channel?
By all means, upgrade your ram so you can run in dual channel mode.
Not so much for cpu performance, but for performance of the integrated graphics.
Graphics is arguably the more important factor in gaming.
If you are running on a 64 bit os, then you can make use of more than 4gb of ram.
More than 4gb of ram does make a difference.

If your 4gb is fixed, you can probably add in a second4/8/16gb stick.
The first 8gb will operate in dual channel mode, and the odd capacity will be in single channel mode.
That is called flex mode.
Go to a ram site like crucial and access their ram upgrade app.
Enter the make/model of your laptop and you will get a list of supported upgrades.
The upgrades will need to match the existing ram as to speed, volatage, and timings.

If your first 4gb can be removed, consider replacing with a 2 x 8gb kit.
Faster speeds are good, but are unlikely to be supported.