Can I install the HP NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450 in my normal desktop?


Jul 26, 2012
I have a brand new HP NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450 that I'd like to install in my normal, everyday desktop in my home office. I work in the financial field and I have three (3) Acer x233H monitors. with HDMI. I plan on utilizing
Displayport DP Male to HDMI Female Adapter Cable to connect the monitors to the card.

How exactly do I install the card? Can I load the driver with out the card being installed? Or if I install the card, what if the monitors don't come on? Then what?

Any assistance would be beneficial. Thank you
I'm afraid the graphics card supports only two simultaneous monitors. You will not be able to use three of them.

To install the card, uninstall old graphics drivers, then put it in the motherboard slot, turn on the PC, download drivers from nvidia and install them. That's it.


Jan 6, 2010

1. The card is designed to run 4 monitors at the same time (hence the quad). And it does because I have had one for more than a year.


2. I would NOT recommend this card. I and others have had continuing problems with getting this card to work as intended. I would go to a 2 Video Card solution - use 2 slots in your PC. 2 cheap cards will work just fine. I did that for many years, never had a problem. I pop over $450 on this card and nothing but problems.