Question Can I install Windows 10 Pro on one drive (for work purpose) and have a completely different drive with Windows 10 Home (for personal purposes)?


Jul 16, 2013
My goal is to separate out my work and home stuff to be independent of each other. My workplace installs an OS image on top of the Windows 10 Pro but I am afraid that I will lose my privacy at home as well (like if I apply for other jobs, personal email etc.). Am I being paranoid?

How can I separate these two out?


Who owns the host computer: you or your workplace/company/employer?

You could set up a dual boot computer that asks you at each startup which OS to use.

Which OS (Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home ) is yours? The Question indicates Windows 10 Pro for workplace and Windows 10 Home for personal.

The body of your question states that "workplace installs an OS image on top of Windows 10 Pro."

Would not say that you are being paranoid per se but it is always going to be problematic if you are mixing work and personal information on the same computer. Perhaps a little less so if you own the computer.

Another option could be swappable hard drives; again host computer ownership matters.

Still, the overall risk is that one side or the other gets hacked, gets a virus, etc. and with you having some common element then you are doubly at risk. Something you personally do causes problems at the company or something that happens at the company likewise causes you personal problems

Many companies have rules and guidelines for such situations. Talk with your supervisor and IT folks. May be a non-starter to begin with....