Question Can I install windows on another drive?


Aug 16, 2017
I'm building a computer for my friend and bought my him a new hardisk and I'm wondering if I could just install Windows from my PC? Can I just plug in a sata cable for his disk and install Windows on it or will it cause problems for my PC
I see problems. Firstly if you change motherboards it’s highly recommended to do a fresh install of Windows to avoid stability and performance issues.

Also I think you would have to remove your main drive during the install. If Windows sees a drive with your boot manager it will update that so you have dual boot when you actually need it to install a new boot manager on the new drive.
I will activate it later for him for sure. So this is doable?
Doable - yes.

  1. Disconnect all other HDDs/SSDs from your PC, leave only drive, you'll be installing windows onto;
  2. Boot from windows installation media and install windows;
  3. After installation has finished copying files and asks for reboot, do reboot and shut down your pc;
  4. Remove the drive and deliver it to target pc;
  5. After target pc is turned on, installation will continue and windows will be installed onto it.
Anyway - easier to just give installation media to your friend and let him install windows himself.