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Question Can I let a computer i just built sit for a couple months?

Jun 21, 2020
Heyo, I'm working on building a ryzen based system currently and wont be using it at least until August when I go back to college and i thought I might as well just get it done and setup with windows now, etc. So i don't have to finish it the day before. Now, can I finish it and let it sit for a couple of months, or would that hurt the cmos battery? I'm just nervous because im not sure if the summer heat would affect the computer, as well as its my first build, etc.


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make sure the unit is unplugged, to protect against surges, and it should be fine. as to the battery well that is its job, it will last more than a few months and if you are concerned you can replace it with a fresh unit when you return to the computer.
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