Question Can I make these RAM sticks run at same speed?

Mar 17, 2021
I bought a new pc set and they gave me two different RAM sticks. One runs at 26667Mhz (with no XMP option), and the other runs at 2133Mhz (with XMP option to 3000MHz).
I have a B550 Gibabyte Gaming X v2 motherboard, and I couldn't get them to run at same speed. Can this be done, or should I return this to the shop?

i would definitely return the RAM package.

or if it came preinstalled; have them give you a 2x packaged set, not just two separate sticks.
or actually return the whole system. i would not trust dealing with a shop that could make this kind of mistake or that may have done it intentionally just to unload two sticks of RAM they had on hand.

sticks of RAM that are packaged together have been extensively tested to ensure compatibility.
buying two separate sticks, even if they are the same make\model, is never recommended.
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It appears to me that the shop gave you a set of unmatched RAM modules. The modules must be matched for dual channel use.

If unmatched - system performance and actual RAM in use may be lower than needed. And run only at the speed of the slowest RAM module.

Is the following User manual link a match to your motherboard?

(Verify that I did indeed find the correct manual.)

Supported RAM is listed on physically numbered Page 6 of the manual. There is also a reference/recommendation to visit Gigabytes website for the latest supported memory information.

Section 1-4 (Pages 9 & 10) address physical memory installation.

Double check the above references and if what the RAM the shop provided is not a match return the RAM.

If the sticks are different they are not a matched set and should likewise be returned.

Take the motherboard's memory specs with you. Check Gigabytes website also.