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Question Can I mix different kinds of drives like NAS and others?

Jan 20, 2020
Since I got into VHS-digital conversion (which is a blast, btw), my storage has been eaten alive. It's easy eanough to buy a new drive or two to allieviate the stress, but it's rapidly eclipsing my ability to back it all up. Which was rather the point of converting the VHS tapes.

I am sure I don't quite understand what I am reading, but i know there are different kinds of data storage and it seems that some types of drives use techniques or protocols which are more suits to different uses.

90% of my data is mainly archival in nature; I might have to go find something for a project a few times a week at most. Most of my time there is spent re-organizing it to find things easier with my new collation skills.

10% I find I am digging into all the time.

And I'd like to have 100% of it on a drive that only exists as a back-up.

From what I am seeing, I think it is NAS drives, which are best for the long-term backup, either in my PC, or in a separate RAID array. If I go the RAID route, it looks like I can DIY it with an old tower, so long as the drives are all the same size. Or I can buy a real array and add HDD modules as I am able.

But do all these really work well together? I'm used to running multiple drives now, but I am 95% sure they all use the same kind of storage/protocols, even though two are SSD and one is HDD.

Thanks for your time!