Question Can i overclock 3000mhz ram stick to 3666mhz

Mar 3, 2019
I know i can overclock 3000mhz ram to 3200mhz...but can i run it stable at 3666 on msi z370 gaming plus motherboard? If yes then what voltage should i keep the voltage or just keep that on Auto
Its possible, if maybe unlikely.

BTW OC ram on an Intel mobo yields very little by way of performance increase. If it were Ryzen i'd say yes, try an OC, but for Intel , it hardly makes any difference, except in benchmarks.

The main point here is: No-one can tell you what voltage to use or settings to dial in. You need to trial and error and figure out what works best for YOUR dimms. All kits are different. What works for one set, might very well not work for another. TBH though going from 3000 to 3666 is too big a leap. Maybe 266mhz increase, but 666 is a bit of s stretch. Otherwise everyone would just by those 3000 dimms and OC them to 3666. The manufacturer would be shooting themselves in the foot. At 3000+ the mem will have a voltage (normally) of 1.35v To get it to go to 3666 you will have to give more voltage. This may harm your DIMMS.

Research your ram modules/mobo and you will find out how to OC the ram.


Ram is made of silicon, just like cpus. A number is verified by the factory, say 3000 and any ram in that batch should not have any issue at stock voltage and running 3000. It's almost always somewhat less than the maximum the ram can do. But being silicon, and batched, it'll have certain impurities that'll affect primary, secondary and tertiary timings, well over 40 timings all told. Just takes 1 hitting instability and that's the limit. Could be 3000 or 4000, as max, there's simply no way to tell. It's called the silicon lottery.

I have Patriot Intel masters 1600 1.50v ddr3, it'll handle 2400 at 1.55v, but not 2666 at 1.65v. But thats extreme case, many value sticks are lucky to get beyond 1 step up, maybe batches with several failures at higher original choice speed so get stepped down from 3000 to 2666 across the whole batch. Leaving some that hit 3000 under OC, and some that don't.

Voltage will depend on the rams needs, but generally you'll not want to exceed max standard by far.
“1.5v is the absolute max we allow for XMP certifications. However, good DDR4 memory will run at 1.35v up to 3200. Technically, no “safe” (guaranteed) OC over-voltage but 1.35v or lower is best.” – Intel