Can i overclock further?


Dec 27, 2009
i already overclocked my i7 860 to 3.6 with 1.21 volts and with idle temps of 32-35 and 60-65 max temps
and was wondering can i go further

i7 860
asus maximus formula III
noctua u12p - se2
Yep. You should be fine if you keep your CPU temps under 80'C at full load when running Prime95.

Your idle temps are very good as well. Try going for 3.8GHz-4.0GHz.

Then again, you don't really need to OC anymore since most games have a "sweet spot" of 3.0GHz-3.6GHz for the i7/i5 quads where any OC beyond that yields continually smaller improvements in gaming fps and benchmarks.