Question can i overclock my CPU???? here my Specs "Ryzen 3 1300x mobo: Gigabyte A320m DS2 "

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we'd love to help but there is a lot more information we need to offer any real advice. for starters the full system specs helps know what you are working with. this includes psu information and cpu cooling you are using.

what do you use the pc for? why do you feel you need to overclock it? what do you hope to accomplish by doing this? do you have any experience with such topics or would this be the first time for you?

anything else you can add that would be helpful for us to know will help us help you the best we can.

thanks for the extra info!!
You won't be able to Overclock on the A320 chipset unfortunately.

Even if it did allow overclocking the VRM configuration is mediocre at best on these low end boards and it wouldn't be a recommended thing to do anyways.


Officially this board supports overclocking. See the manual
No, it's disabled on A-series motherboards.
I didn't see anything in the manual mentioning PBO or any OC feature, for that matter.

After all it also supports officially CPU like the Ryzen 9 3900X with a TDP of 105 w.
That's like saying it was fine to run an FX-8350 on an Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 motherboard. It wasn't.
Just because it's listed as supported in the bios, doesn't make it practical.