Question can i overclock my integrated gpu to 1700mhz

Jul 7, 2021
i have a ryzen 5 3400g and a biostar a320mh ver 6, I want to try overclocking my GPU MHz to 1700 but I`m scared to do it because it might destroy my CPU.
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a320 boards are usually locked down, but you can try.

If you can, those VRMs are going to be the limiting factor. I'd buy some cheap aluminum heat sinks and glue them to the mosfets, and also put a fan blowing onto them.

That board will burn up way before your Ryzen ever gets to the silicon limits, assuming any OC is even possible. I see no manual on the website so I have no idea if BIOSTAR unlocked this board like some of the other rare A320s.

You might be able to tweak around in the Radeon Software if the BIOS is a no-go.