Question Can I overclock rx 570 and ryzen 5 3600 in msi b450m pro vdh max


Ryzen has limited overclockability and budget motherboards are rarely good options to overclock.

As for overclocking the GPU, I won't even make a guess without knowing the exact PSU, which is the most important bit of information to answer the question.
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Jul 7, 2014
Eh, you can. All you really need is good cooling solution (at least a very good single tower 120mm), luck in silicon lottery, and some gumption. Your motherboard has the feature, might as well do it for the experience. You're likely to be limited on silicon lottery and/or cooling as well. Now, how well you can do overclocking is another question entirely.

Find FIT voltage, set voltage to a bit lower than FIT (do not go any higher than FIT), see how far that voltage gets you in clocks. Do benchmarks as well to see if you gained anything from that. If you're lucky with the chip, you can see lower temps and higher clocks; benchmark gains possible but not guaranteed.

If you got unlucky, then just enable PBO with that nice cooler you have and let the chip do its thing.

Keep in mind that Ryzen is poor for overclocking; increases in clocks don't translate to linear performance especially in games. Benchmarks, sure. Plus Ryzens boost high out of the box when paired with capable cooling, a tiny bit more when PBO is maxed out.

Even AMD realized that the potential is doing it the other way; by optimizing voltage to control temps and let the algorithm do the job. Hence we got PBO2 with Zen 3.
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