Question Can I pick and choose what data to migrate?


Aug 12, 2018
Hello everyone, first I wanna say I hope I'm creating this under the right category, here goes. I've got an M.2 set as my C drive which has my OS and all my system files but its running low on storage. I just installed a 1tb SSD and I'm hoping to use it as a drive for all games and applications ( I have a separate HDD I use as my dump drive). I'm trying to see if I can just keep Windows 10 and maybe steam, Nvidia GeForce, etc installed on the C drive but move ALL other files on the C drive to my 1TB SSD. I've got macrium reflect and AOMEI installed but I cant figure out how to only move program files it only lets me copy EVERYTHING over.
In the AOMEI program I can see that the C drive has a 499 megabyte recovery partition, two unnamed partitions sized 99MB and 16MB, and a local disk C partition sized 479GB. Again I'm just trying to keep the operating system on the C drive and then I will move applications over to it as I see fit. Anyone have any ideas? Sorry if I included too much info I was just trying to be descriptive. Thanks in advance!