Can i play gta 4 on my pc


Aug 16, 2012
I installed gta4 onmy pc when i run it,it works properly but when i start the game there are just voices and subtitles of the voices and the screen is totally black can sumone tell me why is this so?
you have no better information that that? use speccie or similar to get your propper specs...
as for your system it meets minimum requirments by the looks of it but only just so even if you can install it its unlikely to run smooth even after patching... you will need to patch it to 1.4 minimum... if it works after than then leave it and then patch it to 1.7 if you decide to play multiplayer.
but honestly your better off playing gta 3, vice city and san andreas. gta 4 is only any good if you play the ballad of gay tony the rest is poor.