Question Can I plug an i7-6950x into a Lenovo Legion T730 with an i9-9900K?

Feb 10, 2023
I own a piece of software that requires me to run Windows 7. Apparently 6th generation Intel processors are the last ones that can run it. I own a Legion T730 that is gathering dust. It seems the fastest 6th generation processor is the i7-6950x. I am wondering if I can simply purchase it and replace the processor on the motherboard. And if not, is there anything I can do to make the Legion T730 run Windows 7? Google was not of any help.
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The Legion T730 runs an i9-9900k which is a socket 1151, the i7-6950x is a socket 2011 v3 and will not fit in the i9-9900k socket.

Running windows 7 natively on the computer probably wont happen since its a 9th gen. Lenovo did not make windows 7 drivers for that computer, you will also run into USB port issues during the install and will need a custom Windows 7 install with USB drivers added to it.

Like said above try running the software in a windows 7 VM, you will also run into issues with needing a license key for said VM install. What software are you trying to run? we have some old software at work that runs on windows 10, you just have to play with the compatibility mode in the properties for it to work.
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