Question Can i plug in old HDD with windows installed on it to a new pc?

Mar 4, 2023
i have old hdd with windows 10 installed , it got 2 partitions 1 for the OS and 1 for the files and i just need the files, how can i move them safely to my current pc (ssd windows 11)
thank you.
how can i make sure the pc wont boot to from the hdd after i plug it in?
and the files i need are not in the default libraries they are just on d:/ so it should work right?
For drives like this, I use a USB dock. Power on only after the system is already booted up.

But there should be no problem, assuming the boot priority is set correctly.


is it not somehow possible to plug the HDD, format just the os partition and keep the files?
You can plug it in, and see what is in there.
No need for any "formatting".
And do NOT try to boot from it.

The permissions thing is if the files you want to get are in the default Windows Libraries.
Documents, Video, Music, etc.
Those 'folders' are linked to the original user from the old PC and OS.

Look into TakeOwnership.