Can I put a Graphics Card that is a x16 into a regular PCI slot?


Dec 16, 2008
Can I put a Graphics Card that is a x16 into a regular PCI slot? The card I want to put in is an ATI 256MB x600 SE PCI x16 ,it was from a Dell Dimension e510. I am asking this because I am not sure if it fits, that means it works. I want to try it but will it mess up anything? It will be replacing a graphics card called Intel (R) 82865G Graphics Controller, which is in a Dell Dimension B110 (this one has the PCI slot). I was just wondering because the ATI x600 was from Dell and it is already pretty small. Also I am not sure since the graphics says x16, that means that the graphics card is capable with x16 slot or lower, or that the graphics card is only capable with a x16 slot.


Aug 22, 2009
Well, if you look correctly, it won't fit into the white slots anyway. You will need the thinner, slighlty longer slot thats useally located above the white slots. If your Dell machine does not have this, your *** out of luck.

Useally some micro/mini Dell PC's don't come with PCI-e expansion.

Sorry. Hope this helps.
No, I'm afraid a quick browse online shows the B110 only has PCI slots. Despite the similar names, PCI-E is a completely different connector and is not at all compatible like PCI-X is to PCI. There are such things as PCI video cards, but they are fairly weak and expensive (and really not worth it).