Can I reach 1 - 1 memory FSB Ratio ?


Mar 7, 2007
HI all,

I am thinking of buying a new motherboard and CPU. I am thinking of getting a 6850 (1333 fsb) because over in NZ they are cheap as chips, and this Asus P35 motherboard: =1655&modelmenu=1

I already have (and hope to retain) 2 gigs (2x 1gig) of 667 corsair memory.

With intels QDR, 1333 / 4 = 333
And with 667 / 2 = 333

Hence I have to get 1-1 ratio to get the best out of the CPU without pruchasing new ram.

So if I want to keep my memory I will have to run it at 1-1 ratio first of all can this be done in dual channel setups (as I have two ram dimms)

Do you see any likely issues with the board I have picked out and reaching 1-1 ratios.

I only ask because on my current Gigabyte 975X board I can only get as low as 1-2 ratios.

Many thanks for your assistance.