Question Can I recover an accidentally deleted windows 10 partition?


Oct 2, 2021
Now this might sound weird and not smart on my end, but is there a way I can recover a windows 10 file on a computer? I had an old computer that did not work anymore and I don't know why. However it had a 1 to ssd in it that I decided to put in my pc for quick storage. However it had the windows 10 OS in it but I just went to disk management and deleted the partition and it seemed to work because I got a terabyte of storage. I am wondering if there is a way I can somehow recover the OS? The drive currently is being used and has only 400 GB left in it but I can delete everything in it.
Jul 12, 2022
From 1TB disk you've overwritten 600GB. There is no point even trying. Even if you recover the partition almost everything will be scrambled. If you want to boot - no chance.