Question Can I rely on FSP's Hyper K? (500w 80+)

Mar 8, 2019
Hello! So personally I dont really trust FSP itself, because my relatives bought the Hexa model, it kinda disappointed him.
But the thing is, this specific model has 5 years of warranty.

But talking about quality, I'm not so sure about that.. that's why I need your help :D
To clarify the quality that Hyper K has
FSP is like OEM to mostly like HP systems, good/okay psu's, personally like Delta does for HP and others I have a really, really old PSU which was made for specific servers, I've modded it, the caps are perfectly fine and no voltage dips whatsoever.

If your relative has the PSU, you may check which system he uses and does the voltage drops in the 5% margain of error of the PSU specs (5% of any voltage and the negatives are 10%).

The software may not be correct way to use, but it will give you an idea, like Hwinfo64 does.(multimeter is better, but rarely somebody has hand on osciloscope)
My 3 year old PSU VS550 orange is still doing "okay" job for my current system cause the Delta one cannot fit.

Is there anywhere on your market an VS550 (Grey) unit?