Oct 20, 2018
So I have a custom-built PC and it has an aftermarket cooler. Problem is it makes this annoying whining noise like
constantly. It isn't very loud but when your sat in front of it for ages it really starts to bug me. Even when
doing light tasks such as browsing or typing documents etc I can hear it. What makes it more annoying is that it's not at a constant level it keeps going up and down depending on what I'm doing. Only when the computer is bone idle does
it return to a quiet hum. And when I run a game it gets quite loud indeed. Luckily the sound from the game usually
drowns it out but I'm still aware of it, esspecially when I exit the game.

The cooling fan is a Cooler Master Ithink and the CPU is an Intel i5 4690 with a clock speed of 3.50 GHZ. It is the Haswell generation as well.

So I'm wondering, would I be able to purchase a stock cooler off eBay and replace the aftermarket cooler? I've used other computers that have i5's with the stock cooler and the fan runs dead silent apart from the first few seconds after turning the computer on.

Is this a reliatvely easy thing to do? I do have fairly good technical knowledge however I've had limited experience in taking apart/looking at the inside of PC's. I should add that I've already gone into the BIOS and set the fan speeds to the quietest/power saver setting, but it soesn't seem to make any difference. I've also tried downloading a program called Speedfan but changing the speed settings didn't do anything. :/

I've also downloaded a program called Speccy and the motherboard and graphics card temperatures are around 30C but the CPU temperature was at 90C. Is this really high? Anyway, since typing this it's dropped down to 58C.

EDIT: I've just browsed to another thread and guess what fans got louder and CPU temp is back up to 90C again...
Can you provide full PC specs including cooler model? Removing and reinstalling the cooler would be the best thing to try at this point, along with fresh compound preferably. It should be a relatively straightforward process, just take you time. If we can determine the model, the instructions for removal should be available to aid in the process.