Can I replace my Radeon HD 7660d with a Radeon HD 7750


Jan 7, 2014
So I got an AMD A10-5700 (4 CPUs) 3.4 GHz a few months back with an integrated Radeon HD 7660D and I want to upgrade my video/graphics card. I was looking into graphics cards and found a Radeon HD 7750 1GB GDDR5, I checked it out and it seemed pretty good. I want to be able to play games at mostly high settings and maybe medium settings at 1280x1080, I found the Radeon 7750 on sale for $110. I want to get it but I don't know much about computers so I don't know if it will bottleneck my CPU, if my motherboard doesn't have a good enough PSU or if its not compatible with my PC. Will I be able to use this graphics card, will there be a significant performance change and is it worth it? I don't know my computers power supply but I know the Radeon 7750 requires 400 Watts, will that be a problem?


CPU: AMD A10-5700 (4 CPUs) 3.4 GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7660D

Let me know if there will be any problems that I can possibly run into and leave suggestions as well please.

Thank you!