Can I run a dedicated graphics card as well as Intel HD 2500?




I recently invested in a new desktop PC, as my old one was far too old. It comes with a core i5 3450 and 8gb ram, with a good psu and motherboard. I could of got a 4gb ram one, with an i3 and a dedicated graphics card but I decided I'd just upgrade it in the future.

For now I decided I'd use my old GeFoce 9500gt. The games I'm running (f1 2012, ets 2) are lagging just as bad as they did on my old machine. I did some research and found out in my processor there is built in graphics (intel hd 2500). I was just wondering do these two both run? or only the 9500gt. If it is only the 9500gt, how do I enable both? or if you can't, which is better and which one should I enable?

Thanks in advance!


I dont believe you can enable both, even if you could gaming performance would not increase. Where you are using the old card the only reason gaming performance would have inceased would be if your cpu was bottlenecking the GPU which doesnt seem to be the case. The 9500Gt was a budget card when it was released many years ago with todays games it just not enough and niether is the HD 2500. The 9500gt is going to be better but not by much.
hello... you cannot do graphic co-processing with on CPU graphics... with some motherboards you can run dual-monitor video.

the PASSMARK of the 9500gt is 286
the PASSMARK of the hd 2500 is 301
the PASSMARK of the i5 3450 is 6509

your best option is to upgrade your video card... look for a 2000+ PASSMARK rating.