Can I run Crysis/Bioshock?


Nov 2, 2012
I know this question might sound very silly for you hi-tech guys !!! :)
But, due to budget limitations, I recently upgraded my 6 years old system by replacing CPU, Mobo & RAM.

I wanted to buy a Graphics Card also, but it didn't satisfy my budget. So, would be buying it after 6 months.

I also had an option of AMD A8 3870K, But, after analyzing the benchmarks here, I decided to go for Intel i3, as it beats AMD A8 3870K in most of the benchmark categories. Was my decision correct?

So, my actual question is, can I run Crysis/Bioshock? I want to play them badly. Yes, I will be getting the graphics card in May 2013. But, I just can't wait !!! So, it would be a great help.

And, if the answer is NO, Suggest me some cool games, that my system can run. Thanks in advance.

Note: Just for the info, I ran "COD4: MW" & "Scarface: The World is Yours" with all maxed out.

Here are my PC Specs (Used Piriform Speccy).

Operating System
MS Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

Intel Core i3 2120 @ 3.30GHz
Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology

2.00 GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)

Intel Corporation DH61ZE (LGA1155 CPU 1)

SyncMaster (1024x768@60Hz)
Intel(R) HD Graphics

Hard Drives
75GB Western Digital WDC WD800BD-22LRA0 ATA Device (SATA) 31 °C

Optical Drives
DTSOFT Virtual CdRom Device

Realtek High Definition Audio


I didn't know that intel IGD was good enough to max out COD 4.....I can however guarantee that crysis will not run on the integrated graphics with even medium preset. I do not have Bioshock so cant comment on that. crysis may run on low settings probably at 800x600. the reason is intel hd 3000 is considered a wee bit slower that HD5450. 5450 cannot max out crysis. my overclocked 6670 (a low end card) can barely maintain 35+ fps with very high settings when i keep post processing at medium.
Bioshock is very easy to run. If your system can handle CoD okay, it will handle Bioshock okay. As said above, you aren't running Crysis on integrated graphics. At best you might be able to just barely squeeze out playable framerates if you turn all graphics settings as low as they will go and play at 800x600 resolution.


Nov 2, 2012
OK. Thanx very much, satyamdubey & Supernova1138.
Maybe I can tame Crysis beast next year when I get some Dedicated GPU.

Now, moving on to my 2nd question,

Please Suggest me some cool games, that my system can run.
The genre can vary across FPS, Third Person Shooters, Sandbox, RPGs, Driving/Racing, Survival Horror, etc.
Thanx in Advance.
You are mostly going to be restricted to older games, and maybe a few newer games that are not very demanding on the graphics hardware.

Source engine games like Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2, Portal, and the Left 4 Dead games should run okay on lower settings with your integrated graphics. You can play the older Grand Theft Auto games eg. GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas. For RPGs you might be able to get Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion working, but you will need a third party mod to get it to recognize an integrated graphics chip.


Sep 19, 2011
its unplayable with onboard graphics even at low res. to achiv good gaming expirience,
add ram atleast 2gb more, change os to 64bit. and a decent mid level card for graphics