Can I run Diablo 3? (please help I'm lost)


May 13, 2012
Ok, I feel like I'm fumbling around in the dark not know what to do. So this is my best bet here. Now i need to know if my system can run diablo 3 because I don't feel like wasting 50 bucks right now.

My system:
ATI Radeon HD 5450
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 540 @ 3.07GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.1GHz
8192MB RAM
DirectX 11
1280 x 1024 (32bit) (60Hz) ------ display monitor

So if someone could please help a brother out. :(


Yes you can just not on high settings. Low to med settings more on the low side. But when you get a chance you need to upgrade your GPU to a 6770 or a 6850 and also your PSU might be need to be also. Hope this helps good luck to you.