Can i run la Loire on Ati 5450


I don't know what are the game spec's say? Well I just found them for you and they are as.
Intel dual core 2.2GHZ to Quadcore 3.2GHZ
AMD dual core 2.4GHZ to Quadcore 3.2GHZ
Ram 2GB to 8GB
HDD 16GB or better
GPU AMD/ATI HD 3000 512mb to 6850 1GB
With what you posted it will run and Good luck to you.
I have the game and I'm not too happy with the way it performs.
You've got a HD 5450, which is not intended to be a gaming GPU.
Nevertheless, the game will run, but it's not going to be pretty. You most probably would have to run the game at the lowest possible settings and resolution.
in todays world that card is a video card and a video card only. its totaly inadiquate for gaming. thats not to say you wont be able to install and play a slide show. but with 8 texture units and 4 rops that card is no better than the old 6600le which cant even play cod4 at anything over minimum including screen size...
yes it will handle hd video but thats what its designed to do. its not designed for gaming other than the absolute basic kind.

so no your game wont be worth running as its most likely gonna be a slide show.