can i run sli on p5b deluxe ?


Dec 2, 2006

looks like this board is for crossfire....anyone knows if there is a way to have sli working on it ? and also i know second pci express slot works at *4 for sli, how weak is it compared to 2 full *16 pci express slots like on motherboards for striker extreme ?


Dec 13, 2006
well so far i dont think you will notice that much of a difference. part of my job is with 3d studio, and on my work computer I have two geforce running Sli at 2 times 8x, i can tell you that even then im hard pressed to reach the bandwidth limit. But I´m a modeller, not an animator so off course i dont need insane frame rates, only lots and lots of polygons ;) i know some of the animators i have worked with get all stary eyed when talking about two 16x sli setups. But really its hard to sayanything without knowing what you need to use your setup for. I dont know what it will be like in games, and direct 3d (i hate the stuff, really, try running OpenGl if you can, its so much better) I can run all my games pretty good at home without sli (Oblivion, UrU, Unreal2004, Quake4, splintercell, and newerwinternights2). A bit more inf, on what you will use it for would help.

edit: oh right, and if you run two cards, it wont! run one in 16x and one in 4x. it will run both in 8x, splitting the bandwidth equally.