Can I run the GTX 460 768mb on a 6pin + 8pin 500W PSU.


Mar 22, 2011
As stated in the title, I was wondering if I could use the GTx 460 on a 6pin + 8pin PSU, I'm a idiot when it comes to PC;s, and I'm getting my first gaming PC in May.

I was originally going to get the GTX 550ti 1GB, but from reviews I have read the GTX 460 768mb is better, but I was still stuck on the PSU choice as before, I'm getting a 500W Xigmatek PSU (NPR-VC503) which has 1 6pin, and 1 8 pin power connector needed,

I also found out the GTX 460 needs two 6pin slots, could I buy a 8pin - 6 pin adapter?

Also, I will be playing Crysis Maximus, as my first ever gaming PC game, and want to be able to Max it at 720p, with 30+( Give or take a few frames ) fps.


Thanks in advance.
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