Can i run these components with Circle CPH694 400 watts psu ?


Jan 12, 2018
I am building an intel budget gaming pc coz amd sucks in performance until their new 7 nm cpu lineup.
I am going to use these components
i3 8100
Gtx 1050 ti
Asus H110m k motherboard
Gskill 8gb 2666 mhz ran
Seagate Barracuda 1 Tb hdd
120 gb Kingston Ssd
Cd/ dvd drive
BenQ GW2470HL 24 Inch Monitor

Can i use Circle CPH694 400 watts psu without any power shortage problem or component wear and tear due to less efficient power output and damage the transistors and other components ? Can i run this pc with full power fpr 4 hours a day ?

After googling the PSU, I could find NO positive reviews of it. In fact it only has 14 amps available on the +12 volt rails, only 168 watts. For a reputed 400watt PSU, that is pathetic, if not downright fraudulent. It will make a good doorstop, if you promise NOT to plug it in! I wouldn't trust it to power a flashlight!
I would suggest a 4-500 watt unit from tiers 1 or 2 (certainly no lower than 3!) from this list:

The PSU is the heart of your system, without it NOTHING works! It is the only component that, if it fails, can destroy ALL of your other components! Never cheap out on the PSU, it is false economy!

Also, the H110 motherboard will not support the 8th gen I-3.


Jan 24, 2012
I would not recommended it.
I think its wiser if you state your budget, and where are your location. We will be able to build you the best of buck pc for you.
For example, Ram should came with a pair to enable dual channel. Dual channel increase ram performance a lot.
As clark above said, H110m only support up to 7th generation.
Its good you knew the importance of SSD, but 120gb is not enough, I already discommisioned mine. 240Gb is much better and the price should not much differ.
Above example are a good reason for you to ask around more. Some of us might urge to spend more but it will be worth it.
Another one, instead of i3-8100, you might want to spend US$25 more for Ryzen 5 1600 which has 6 core 12 threads. Newer game will use more thread and 4 threads is not enough for game such as Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5. With those 12 threads, your main component might prolonged many more years.

I barely use DVDrom ever since Feb 2017.


Jan 12, 2018
I have this 400w psu Cph694 i bought it in 2012
Processor- G5400
Motherboard - Asus H310m E
Gpu - gtx 950
Ram - 2x4gb ddr4 2400 mhz corsair vengeance
Cd/dvd drive samsung speedwriter
Monitor - Dell2014h 1600x900
Should i consider a Psu upgrade coz
And circle psu are not bad but they are not certified same goes with their gaming mouse and keyboard
which ppl buy for less price
I have seen Indian youtubers say circle 400 watts is ok to use and it comes for $11 compared to Corsair Vs450 which is $34
My problem is its 7 years old Psu but i didnt use a Gpu only a i3 processor all this time.
I have ordered the above components except Psu.

The PSUis the heart of your systyem, without it NOTHINGworks! The PSU is the only component that, if it fails, can destroy ALL of your other components(maybe even your house!). Never "cheap out" on the PSU, it is false economy!

In the end, it is your choice, money, and PC. Do you really want to trust your build to an 11 dollar PSU?