Question Can I set up a 3 monitor display with the following: ThinkPad P1 (laptop) + ThinkVision P27h 27" Monitor (x3, monitors) + Thunderbolt 230W dock?


Feb 10, 2016
Hi all - I am looking to set up a 3-monitor system (where each screen is independent, and not just a mirror image of any other display) using my ThinkPad P1, connected to 3 ThinkVision P27h 27" Monitors using ThinkPads's Thunderbolt 230W dock (UK). Key questions are (links to the various components are at the bottom):

1. Can this be done WITHOUT the Thunderbolt dock at all (using various required cable adaptors), given the fact that the ThinkPad P1 laptop has 2x USB-C ports and 1x HDMI port, and each ThinkVision monitor has a 1x USB-C port, 1x DP-in, 1x DP-out and 1x HDMI? [I also understand that you can indeed daisy chain these monitors using DP cables]

2. If ThinkPad's Thunderbolt 230W Dock is indeed required (or even if it isn't), can I arrange it such that I only have to plug in 1 USB-C into my laptop (the P1), which is a cable that runs from the P1 to the Thunderbolt dock, and have all 3 monitors be connected to the Thunderbolt dock, and where the displays are independent of one another?

3. In either of the scenarios above, can I still use my laptop screen as a 4th display, if I wanted to? And do I have the option of closing my laptop lid, yet still being able to use the 3 external monitors, and then if I wanted to, open up the laptop lid and use the laptop as a 4th screen?

Links to the specs of the various components:
Laptop (x1) - ThinkPad P1:
Monitors (x3) - ThinkVision P27h 27":
Dock: Thunderbolt 230W Dock (UK) (x1):

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