Question Can I & Should I run this GPU & PSU config


Jul 14, 2014
Long story short, my son bought himself an RTX 3050 to replace his GTX 1050. He is giving me his old 1050 and I was wondering if its possible to run both that card as well as my current Radeon 6500XT at the same time. I know its not SLI or Crossfire, Ill only be gaming on the 1 monitor (6500 XT) but my monitors are too high res for either of these cards so I was thinking I might get a bit more performance out of the Radeon for gaming if I took the 2nd monitor and put it on the other GPU. My main concern is power draw though. My PSU is a 650w so not sure if it would handle both at the same time. My understanding is that as long as I'm not gaming on the 2nd monitor it wouldn't draw much power? Also, would there be any driver issues since Id have both NVidia and AMD cards installed at the same time.


Very little reason to run multiple GPUs for just monitors. If you are only gaming on one, then that is where most of the load will go. The VRAM to keep just the contents of a screen is pretty minimal, might even be passed off to system memory.

Not sure what you mean by too high res of a monitor. These are all pretty modern cards, no reason they shouldn't all be capable of 4K output, the 6500XT can probably do 5K or 8K.

650W PSU is plenty to run those two cards, but I don't see much reason too.