Question Can i skip previous Bios version ?

May 12, 2019
Just wanna ask to make sure i won't kill my motherboard.

I bought an AsRock H370 performance and i saw the chipset sticker, it says P1.00 on it.
Its a release/first version of its Bios so i might want to update it later if i found a problem in Polychrome RGB which the other users are experiencing. I haven't completed the build and i'm going to 8400 this week

is it safe to update the Bios from P1.00 straight to latest version P3.40 ?
CAN you? Yes. SHOULD you? another question entirely! Updating the BIOS falls into the "If it ain't broke, Don't fix it!" catagory. Never update the BIOS simply to have the "Latest and Greatest" version. You should only update the BIOS to

1: fix a known error. This will be listed in the update notes of the BIOS.
2: Acquire additional functionality, I.E. provide support for a new CPU not supported in a previous BIOS, or better ram support.

That being said, if you DO update the BIOS, you might as well go to the latest version.