Can I SLI GTX 670FTW+ with a GTX 670FTW

NO you can't run a 2GB card with a 4Gb card. If you use coolbits you won't have a stable run... CoolBits isn't even a relevant program in my ipinion so.. No, get another 4GB card. Or sell your 4GB card and get 2 2GB cards or get a better single card..


Dec 28, 2012

Oh yes, i'm wrong :(. What i say before only work in xfire isn't it?
Idk he might could do the step up program. Thatd be something he could check with EVGA. As for the VRAM transfer.. SLI or Crossfire you can't do a card with two different RAM counts and yu can try Cool bits with SLI but.. its still unstable software
Crossfire you can with some cards that have different GPU's as long as you have the same RAM amount then you can flash a 6950's BIOS to a 6970 and Crossfire 6970's..They fixed this with the 7000 series.. by laser cutting the cores off the SKU instead of disabling them
I would go with what you said either exchanging the card or quite possibly going through the step up program which in order to qualify you have to pay for the extended warranty and then you get 90 days to step up. But it has to be a direct upgrade so a 660Ti and a 660Ti superclocked can't be cards to step up from if you had a 660 to start.

I'm using an example. I'm saying I've gone through there program. And you can't side step with the program. Meaning you have to make a upgrade through the 2nd number of the series so if you have a 660 you can't grab a stronger 660 you have to grab a 670 or 680, or even a 690.
Yes you can. But here is the catch! You have to pay the 15 dollars for the extended warranty on the card to participate then you have to pay the shipping to EVGA TO ship the card and you have to pay the difference. However, with that being said its a very cool thing to have the ability to move up.
You can upgrade within a generation yes. When I had my two 560Ti's I could of upgraded to 580's with no issues at all other than the cost of shipping and the difference from what I paid. Now keep this in mind you pay what they feel is the difference so the items you see on sale may get you your card but if they have for example a 680 and its on sale at newegg for 400 dollars but retailed with them its 430 you would have to pay the difference according to there retail price.

It's a good solution for those who are unsure about a card once they have it whether it will serve there needs or not or those who don't have the money right away to get the better card. I do agree with you though but I think its something that no one else is doing and its a pretty cool thing.
He most certainly could. If he were to do so I'm not sure if they would force him into a 2 or 4 gigabyte solution but I would hope that he could get whichever one he wanted. I'm not sure what they would place him with. I was just thinking from the standpoint that he would have a more stable build if he was going to try and SLi just to get a 690 uses one slot air flow is better with one card. But he could get a 680 yes or when the new series comes out if it comes out in the next three months he can upgrade to a 780 he can't upgrade to a 770.
Right I would prefer that 10/10 over SLi 670's I've dealt with two cards in SLi between the heat and the power consumption blah! Which to my knowledge the 690 handles power consumption quite well for being a 2 GPU card. Either way I hope this Step UP program talk kind of helps you BurritoMan68