Question Can I somehow install my Windows 10 Recovery USB onto a multiboot Yumi USB.


Sep 13, 2015
Yumi multiboot does allow a few restore tools including Windows 10, however I was hoping to customize it to the specific computer to be used on. I assume if I could include the Windows 10 recovery USB info then it would be set for the correct hardware and include the proper Serial number so it need not be re-entered. (worn off Serial Number, see below). only worked after completely deleting drive and partitions. If I can't then I guess I must keep a separate recovery USB, plus a Yumi multiboot for all additional tools such as VirusRemoval.ISO, Alternative backup software like Clonezilla that works, etc.

I had troubles restoring my nieces old Toshiba laptop, with a version of Redobackup for which a backup had been made.. I had given up and resolved to use Linux on it but it consistently came up with a file system error while trying Ubuntu, then Peppermint even after a complete deletion of drive. Also I had a issue with Windows 10 before completely deleting drive and removing partition that as a fresh install it needed a licence number and the laptop had the serial number worn off . Anyway as I did eventually get a restore with Redobackup after a complete removal of file system and partition, I was able to read the serial number with magical jellybean key finder, free edition for future.