Can I still use my 9800gt for any reason?


Sep 26, 2008
Hi, I recently bought an nVidia GTX 260 to replace my 9800GT. I have been really please with the result.

But now my 9800GT is just sitting there doing nothing.

Now I know that I can not hook it up to my GTX 260 with SLI but I heard that nVidia released some driver that would let another card be used to render physics or something. Maybe someone can fill me in?

Or maybe just some other benefit from using another graphics card that's different to my GTX 260.
You can put it in the second PCIe slot and if you are using the 190.xx drivers it should be able to be dedicated as a Physx card, as I have not tried it myself I can't say whether it works or not and as I haven't seen any benefit from Physx I can't say whether you will think it is worth it or not.